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Terms and Policies

All end users subscribing to/otherwise using any of the 'Bee IPTV' [hereafter referred to as 'subscriber' or 'end user' or 'end users'] agree to be bound by the terms and conditions contained herein below. It is further undertaken by the subscriber that the contents herein below including words/paragraphs contained in fine print are fully read and understood before acceptance of the same. It is also specifically understood and accepted that the end user agrees to be bound by any additional terms and conditions that any 'SNTS Techmedia group company' may post on its site from time to time.

It is further specifically understood that the word 'end user' or 'subscriber' shall mean any natural or artificial person, subscribing to use any of the 'Bee IPTV', including all such persons using the service on behalf of or on the account of such end user. The words 'Bee IPTV' shall refer to any services or applications being offered by SNTS Techmedia and being subscribed by the end user.

SNTS Techmedia further states that not all mobile/handheld devices support the 'Bee IPTV' being subscribed to. The end user is always advised to verify if the mobile/handheld device he/she intends to use supports the 'Bee IPTV' that is being subscribed to.

Privacy Policy

The Term SNTS Techmedia, for the purposes of this Privacy Policy refers to SNTS Techmedia TV, application, web and mobile site. This Privacy Policy explains how SNTS Techmedia handles personal information of its members or other persons who interact with it, in any manner whatsoever

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